INTERIOR DESIGN | Common Interior Design Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them

INTERIOR DESIGN | Common Interior Design Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them

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hey guys welcome back to measure your style

I'm Shara

today we are getting to mention the six

different mistakes you guys are probably

making in your home you didn't even know

it and i am getting to show you ways to repair

it and the way to urge out of these little

ruts make your home look beautiful and

amazing don't be concerned though I even have been a

victim to those mistakes also but you

live and you learn I'm gonna offer you

some band aid tips and hopefully you

guys be ready to do this during a weekend or

I don't know a few weekends it'll be

fun and exciting and you will be super

happy with how it seems within the end

today like I said I'm gonna offer you six

different tips but I do have a complete of

16 mistakes that we make around our

house when it involves decorating that I

have on the livet Journal in the week so

if you guys want to check in for the live

a journal go down and click on the link

below and you guys can make sure out

and if you guys are a neighborhood of the laj

fam well check your inbox cuz you

already have that sitting in your email

inbox for you oh and for the question of

the video if you guys are a victim of

any of those little errors around your

home leave me a comment below of which

ones you've got committed things that

you've wiped out your houses and hopefully

these are going to be ways to assist you get out

of those rats and improve your space if

you guys are super excited about this

topic and you recognize that it's gonna be

ready to start

let's roll in the hay okay the primary mistake that

people make in their homes if you guys

know me and you have been watching you'll

probably guess this one use curtains

we added curtains you recognize that i really like

curtains we added curtains I suggest

using curtains the primary was saying that

people make is that they hang their curtains

way too low they are doing not hang their

curtains on the brink of the ceiling they hang

them on the brink of the window which makes the

whole house desire it's like squatted

on or like pushed down or simply small and

that's not the vibe you would like people walk

into your home we would like your eyes to travel

up and you furthermore may want to desire you're

kind of elongating the space and that i also

encourage you guys to undertake to travel and lean

towards a cloth that may not super busy I

recommend doing more of a white or even

like a tan or something that's a touch

bit more easily matchable

and kind of can transition together with your

furniture or your pillows or whatever a

room you're performing on I actually found

my curtains from Ikea they're the

Vivian or viv Vivian it is a VI V

something something something I'll link

them below you guys can check them out

they have i feel two different sizes I

got the tallest size the longest option

gave me like six inches or something

additional or even five inches so I did

a no sew hem trick which I even have a video

on of a meet up below you guys can check

that out and basically it's just how

for you to hem your curtains without

having to stitch them and you would like them to

lightly dust the bottom you do not want

them to puddle hopefully which will help

you guys put your rods about two inches

away from the ceiling get your curtains

on there and have them touch to the

ground and that is a very easy thanks to

make a drastic improvement in your space

so start there the second mistake that

people often make is that they don't measure

their space before they purchase before

they go to buy so what I always

recommend you guys have heard me say

this is whether you create a plan

like prolong a plan before you go

shopping or if you only want to travel okay

I know that the board goes

here and that i know that I even have sixty five

inches to fill write that down like in

the notes on your phone that way when

you're out shopping and you see an excellent

deal for a board you'll have

your measuring tape in your purse and

you can measure the dimensions and therefore the width

of the board then you recognize oh

yeah this is able to totally fit and it's on

sale so I should catch on you would like to form

sure your furniture is proportional and

the best thanks to do this is to form your

measurements before you go shop and shop

wisely the third mistake you guys might

be making in your house is you'll have

picked the incorrect rug size for the space

just like with curtains you recognize you

want to elongate the curtains with the

wrong sized rug if you choose too small of

a rug it can actually make your space

feel a touch bit dwarfed and a touch

bit scrunched together as against

widening out the space and allowing the

room to feel a touch bit larger

specifically within sort of a front room

space you would like to form sure that your

rug it goes a minimum of halfway under the

furniture you would like the rug if you were

to imagine an enormous rectangle it might fill

in that open space it doesn't need to

keep going past the length of the

furniture doesn't need to go completely

underneath the furni

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