INTERIOR DESIGN: How to Make Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget

INTERIOR DESIGN: How to Make Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget

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hey guys welcome back to measure your style ,I'm Sarah and today we're talking about the way to make your home look expensive,without cashing in your life savings now i do know not everyone's budgets an equivalent but don't be concerned you regardless of how big or how small your budget could also be there'll still be something for everybody during this are you able to get start

keep it clean regardless of what proportion money you've spent on your home if there's clutter it's gonna feel gross if you'll plan to making your bed picking things up off the ground and clearing your surfaces you'll start to feel better about your space and feel far more inspired to form it beautiful

and the better part the sole thing cleaning costs you is some time maybe a few of Clorox wipes number two stop to smell the flowers you guys you'll not believe what proportion fresh flowers can increase your space not only do they provide your house a splash of color and freshness but the smell is simply so inviting and welcoming and it's another easy level of sophistication and if you are looking to save lots of a couple of dollars skip the prearranged two bouquets and truly just buy a couple bundles of roses or hydrangeas and DIY a touch bouquet yourself number three hang some curtains now i do know I say this in nearly every single video but that's simply because it works there's something about curtains you guys that just drips luxury it adds such a lot to space makes it feel bigger more homey more cozy and that i do not know it just

like makes a random box like desire a luxury room I cannot explain it just try it and remember once you attend hang that confirm your rods are on the brink of the ceiling not right by the window learn

that from your mom now don't just buy them and throw them abreast of the windows confirm you wash them dry them and iron them you guys this makes all the difference within the world I'm not kidding you'll buy $10 IKEA curtains which is what I even have in my house and if you iron them they appear like wet stone curtains and another tip for a fuller more substantial look double abreast of the curtain it makes an enormous difference number four hang your TV now this one shocks me what percentage people don't do that

there's nothing luxurious a few plastic TV stand hang that baby i do know it can seem a touch intimidating initially but let me tell you it's so worthwhile now most TVs accompany a wall mount but if yours doesn't you'll find one on Amazon for under 100 bucks and it'll change the sport in your front room your husband could also be upset with you but tell them it's worthwhile like I did to mine we've plaster walls it had been far more difficult than simply drywall but anyway I digress number five invest your budget and things that you simply sit on okay real talk you guys we've all been there before when you're furnishing a replacement home and trying to stay your budget low there's an enormous to quite go cheap when it involves investing during a sofa because it is a very large price item you get home you most

likely build it yourself then whenever you and your guests sit down does one

regret it i have been there you've probably been there well those days are over okay so why am I saying all this a few sofa

well because we just got a replacement sofa and forever we've had a cheap sofa that wasn't very comfortable if you're watching this video immediately and you're planning out your budget consider

investing an outsized percentage of your budget into your sofa there are plenty

other things that you simply simply can compromise and economize on but when it involves the one thing that you spend the bulk of some time sitting on choose wisely if you guys want to understand where to start out and searching for nice sofas i like to recommend getting to where we went which was the sofa company they're super friendly they assist you design a custom sofa and that i know the word custom is like oh my gosh it's

gonna be so expensive no it's crazy see the six part husband like I do and you would like a settee that's two inches deeper than normal they're going to do this and since they're custom sofas start under thousand dollars they will work with any budget number six decorate with candles and bottled matchsticks

I think these cute little bottled matchsticks are a number of my favorite new decor finds i do not know if they have been out forever but I've noticed them shooting up at tons of various little

bit cheeks around recently now if you do not want to spend the cash on buying them I even have a trick for you get an empty spice bottle take the label off go buy some matches at the grocery and

fill the spice bottle with those matches do not forget to chop a touch piece of the striker off and perhaps tape it underneath the bottle on the other hand you're good and it is the same exact thing it's super cute they're such an easy thanks to add a touch elegant touch to your home number seven economize on surfaces like marble or distressed wood and DIY the design for fewer i really like the design of marble countertops or marble desks but I didn't want to spend the cash thereon so i used to be ready to use this reall.

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